Vision of Velocity

Vision of Velocity is the result of a two year adventure and also the first build from Wheels of Fortune, coming from The Netherlands. The choice of a donor bike wasn't that hard. Air cooled, a dry clutch, plenty of torque and lightweight was the goal, which resulted in picking a Ducati 900 Supersport.

Aluminium is the material that we love and which can be seen in many parts of the bike. Besides the huge impact in terms of weight saving, also the design of the bike features raw brushed aluminium finishes with black. One of the biggest eye catchers is the hand beaten aluminium fuel tank, inspired by the endurance racers of the 70’s, but also the aluminium seat unit that now houses both the tail light and the custom exhaust system that exits on both sides through the seat. The original aluminium clutch cover has been cut open and polished, while the plastic belt covers were replaced with custom made billet aluminium ones after scanning them in 3D.

To ensure classic lines the single shock absorber has been replaced for double shocks, now mounted on a custom sub frame and handmade trellis swing arm in chrome molybdenum steel of only 3,9 kg. Avoiding stock triangular foot peg supports, we developed a floating-like support system with aluminium foot pegs that also mounts the rear break pump. A round headlight has been placed, supported by billet aluminium clamps from the front forks and the original Veglia speedo and rev counter have been re-used but integrated in a custom support frame with small LED indicators.

The entire wiring has been custom made around a M-unit with aluminium buttons on the shortened original clip-ons, with the starting button and light switch integrated in the triple clamp for a clean look.



Number 1 from 9

Vision of Velocity is the first of a limited series of in total 9 custom bikes based on a Ducati 900 Supersport and is unfortunately already sold. Do you want more info to reserve yourself a truly unique bike? Contact us through and we’ll work out a plan to realise your own Vision of Velocity!



Donor bike:Ducati 900 Supersport, 1993

Fuel tank: 17 liters, hand beaten from aluminium

Seat unit: hand beaten from aluminium with leather seat

Frame: custom chrome molybdeen subframe and trellis swingarm

Dryweight: 149,5 kg

Power: 80 hp

Top speed: 235 km/h

Exhaust: custom 2-1-2 system with 42mm to 50 mm tubes

Airfilters: open K&N race filters

Electronics: M-unit with custom wiring and buttons

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